Wooden Baking Tray Moulds, Panibois Cake Packaging


Wooden Baking Tray Moulds, Panibois Cake Packaging

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Wooden Baking Tray Moulds, Panibois Cake Packaging - We are the packaging & equipment specialist for retailers, caterers & Industry. We are also florist sundriesmen.
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We also specialise in Catering Disposables - Food Packaging - Tissue napkins, dispenser napkins, doyleys and tray  papers, coasters and paper tableware, tumblers, plates and bowls, cutlery,  straws, plastic cups, EPS cups and lids and paper cups and lids.
Food Bags, plastic and EPS containers, catering  trays and containers, fast food packaging, children's theme meal boxes,  foil containers, film, foil and bakery products, platters.
Hinged lid sandwich/bakery/salad and cold snack  presentation, heat seal packaging and film, sandwich and roll wrap system. Catering disposables can be provided in pack quantities for private functions.

Packaging Materials - Paper Bags, Polythene Bags, Block Bottom Bags, Film  Fronted Bags, Cellophane Bags, Greaseproof Bags, Gripseal Bags. Carrier Bags in paper or polythene plain or printed  with your own design and name. Corrugated paper garment covers, jiffy foam, kraft  rolls, lay flat tubing, loose fill, pallet wrap, bin liners, bubble  wrap, postal bags. White news offcuts, string, tape and tape dispensers,  tissue papers, vacuum packing pouch, wire ties.

Catering Beverages - In-cup drinks, pour and serve beverages, catering  coffee, tea, hot chocolates and whiteners, sachets, beverage dispensers.

Floral and Craft Supplies - Cellophane rolls, rafia, ribbons, dried flowers  and grasses, fruit and vegetables, polyester flowers/trees/bushes and  plants, baskets, clay flower pots, papier mache picture frames. Plastic containers, pottery, shells, vases, bridal  accessories, bridal favours, candles, craft products, oasis foam, oasis  accessories, scissors, silica gel, tapes, wire etc.

Minimum Print Run Guide: The following is a guide to the minimum print runs for each product for one, two and three colours where available. Due to the printing processes used for disposables and tableware only a few products can be printed in more than 3 colours.

Confirmation that the design can be produced on the requried material is usually only given on sight of artwork. For 4 colours or more, the origination costs are frequently significally greater than for 3 colours.


Product                                  1 colour  2 colours  3colours

Fastfold dispenser napkins         48,000   48,000     600,000

Counterfold dispenser napkins   48,000   48,000     600,000

Superfold dispenser napkins      36,000   36,000          n.a

25cm 2 ply tissue napkins         28,800    28,800     240,000

33cm 1 ply tissue napkins         54,000    54,000         n.a

33cm 2 ply tissue napkins         24,000    24,000     200,000

40cm 2 ply tissue napkins         24,000    24,000     200,000

40cm 3 ply tissue napkins         25,000    25,000     100,000

40cm 4 ply tissue napkins            n.a          n.a             n.a

48cm 4 ply tissue napkins            n.a          n.a             n.

Hygiene & Cleaning - Headware, gloves and aprons, wiping cloths, scourers  and wipes, kimcel cloths, kitchen cleaners, wiper rolls, centre feed  rolls, surface cleaners, hand towels, liquid soaps, toilet rolls, jumbo  toilet rolls, folded toilet tissue.
Washroom cleaners, chemical systems, machine dish  wash, glass wash and washing powders, air conditioners, floor care and polish, mops and brushes, mopping systems.
See also Bleaches & Disinfectants


Gurad Professional bleach 4.5%

Suitable for general disinfectant and stain removal.

Cleans sinks, wash basins, baths and tiles, as well

as removing stains from white cotton and linen


Cased: 4 x 5L   Code: N04020

The Packaging & Equipment Specialist For Retailers, Caterers & Industry. We are also Florist Sundriesmen

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